You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams

Sculpted photography brings the "the performance" back to the modern print. It uses a patented new process that takes today's materials and methods and reconnects the viewer with the uniqueness of the artist's touch.


Each work consists of a print bonded onto sheet metal.  It's then gently worked by hand to reshape the surface as a compliment to the image.  The final form is a unique illusion, in which the subject appears 3D, leading the mind to see depth beyond the surface of the paper.  With the use of origami theory, the right materials and new methods, the effect is subtle yet captivating and requires great care to not damage the image.

Bringing sculpted photographs to life required creating new techniques and tools, where aspects of sculpture and print handling had to be merged.  The process begins with the classic view camera, composing the scene through the frosted glass and seeing the three dimensional nature of the image.  It ends with recalling that moment and sculpting the print to draw the viewer back to that place and time.