Sculpted photographs are sold matted and framed as those components are an integral part of the art itself. For changing a frame to match room decor, please work with a local frame shop to best match a frame to furnishings and ensure it will fit the rabbet depth. All pieces are protected by clear UV Filter acrylic glazing for longevity of the print, but as with any framed artwork, long term direct sunlight exposure is not recommended. To clean, simply dry dust with a microfiber cloth or light pressured air. If needed use dishwashing liquid and a clean, damp microfiber cloth, apply light pressure, rinse with clear water and blot dry with a damp chamois.

The image part of the sculpture is taken with a 5x7 wooden film camera, and then digitally scanned to provide a roughly 300MP resolution picture.  From there the image is dusted, toned and sometimes warped to meet the demands that later sculpting will require. As digital formats are improving, select sensor based images on par with film are being added to the collection.

A signature is discretely carved on the print, and can be revealed by glancing the the surface with a flashlight.  All prints are made using archival pigment inks on archival paper with color steadfastness surpassing the longevity of archival dark room prints, and have been specially chosen to enhance the three-dimensional illusion.

Please see the Shop for pricing and availability.